Uncontested Divorce
In those situations where a wife and husband are in agreement about the terms of their divorce, we can often prepare an uncontested divorce package for them for a very reasonable fee.

Ms. Wallace will meet with you to gather your information and answer your questions. Ms. Wallace has 25 years of experience as a family law attorney; she can provide advice as to what is fair, what is legal, and what is practical for you.

After you have decided on the terms of your uncontested divorce, Ms. Wallace prepares all of the necessary documents, the wife and husband both sign, and Ms. Wallace’s staff files the paperwork with the Court.

Our fee for an uncontested divorce may vary depending on the amount of work you need. When you retain us for your uncontested divorce, we strive to quote a fee that is all inclusive.

Contested Divorce
In many circumstances, it is not practical or advisable for the wife and husband to attempt to negotiate their own divorce, even with an attorney’s advice. Sometimes, you need a lawyer who will stand up and fight for you.

Ms. Wallace will listen to you, evaluate your concerns, and answer your questions. Most importantly, she will tell you frankly when you should fight for your rights and when you should consider a compromise. Divorce litigation can be lengthy and expensive. Sometimes it is necessary to fight as hard as you can to get the right result. Ms. Wallace has been a courtroom litigator in the Columbus area for most of her 25-year career. She knows how to prepare a case, present evidence, and make a solid, convincing and passionate argument to the court. Sometimes, however, the expense and the trauma of litigation may not be worth the likely result. Ms. Wallace pledges to do her very best to ensure that you know what to expect before you make these life-altering decisions.

Military Divorce
Divorces for military personnel involve unique aspects of federal law, state law, and military regulations. Please click here to see Mrs. Wallace’s Blog Post “Five Things You Should Know About Your Military Divorce.”

In your initial consultation with Ms. Wallace, she will address items that may be of concern to you, including:

  • Division of Military Retired Pay
  • Military Benefits, including continued health care and survivor benefits
  • Calculation of child support for military personnel
  • Separation prior to divorce