Special Offer

March 2020

Our current crisis will end and ordinary life will resume.  We can use the time we have now to prepare for the future.

It is important to me to be a good citizen and to support my country and community.  That is one reason we have temporarily closed our office to foot traffic.  Temporary social distancing seems like the least we can do to protect our loved ones, and all of the people who put their own lives on the line by continuing to work to protect our health and keep our necessary supplies available to us.

But temporarily closing our office doors does not mean we have stopped working.  There are many things that can be accomplished remotely.

For instance, it is possible to obtain an uncontested divorce without ever appearing in person.  Over the last 29 years, we have obtained divorce decrees for soldiers stationed all over the world.  In some cases, where the parties were able to agree on all of the terms of their divorce, we obtained their divorce decrees without ever seeing our clients—all of our business was conducted by telephone and e-mail.  We can do the same thing for local people, both soldiers and civilians, who are trying to maintain social distancing.

We can help even if you don’t think you can come to an agreement with your spouse.   The vast majority of people who make an appointment with me want to get information before they make any commitment.  When someone makes an appointment with me, I always assume that their first and highest priority is to get information.  Many times, people come in to the office, meet with me, get their questions answered, and leave without making any decision.  I encourage this; people should take their time to carefully consider their options.  This is something that can be done remotely, with a telephone conversation.

A free consultation is something that can be done now, by remote means.  We want to help prepare for the return to normal life.  If you have questions, please call us to arrange a free consultation.  All consultations are completely confidential; no one will know you called us.  But you could learn some things you need to know.