Special Offer

January 2020

Many Georgia residents are drafting and filing their own petitions for divorce, particularly in regard to uncontested divorces, when the husband and wife are in agreement on all terms.  For some, this is fine.  For others, there may be complications that they don’t anticipate, either during the process or after.

For the months of January through April, 2020, I am offering free telephone consultations for people who want to file for uncontested divorce.  During that consultation, which will take approximately a half hour, I will ask questions about your circumstances and I will do my best to answer your questions about the process.

At the conclusion of this free consultation, you may decide that you are comfortable filing your own divorce action, or you may decide that you prefer to pay our firm to draft and file your documents.  Either way, you can be assured that you will be treated respectfully and with consideration.

You may either call our office and request an appointment for a free telephone consultation, or you may e-mail your request to info@attorneymaxinewallace.com.

The free telephone consultation is for office-hours only and we line up appointments as people contact us.  We have to schedule around Ms. Wallace’s scheduled court appearances and other commitments.

In addition, we offer consultations for all family law matters, including divorces, custody, child support, and adoptions, during the evening and on weekends, for a fee of $100.00 for a 45 minute consultation, by appointment only, with the fee paid in advance.