Bankruptcy and Divorce

Thank you Maxine, my friend and colleague for many years, for allowing me to post on your blog.  My name is Valerie Long and I have been practicing law in Columbus since 1994.  I have always wanted to be a lawyer; I even took Latin in high school—who does that?  When I was in law school, I took a class in consumer bankruptcy and I loved it.  Since I passed the bar exam, I have filed thousands of cases for my clients and I still love practicing bankruptcy law. 

I find enormous satisfaction in helping people find relief from the terrible burden of oppressive debt.  Sometimes my clients will tell me that they feel embarrassed about filing bankruptcy or they fear they have let their families down.  I understand these concerns, but I know that sometimes life is just unmanageable and you need help to figure out how to get things back on track.  That is why I practice this particular brand of law: when people have to choose between buying groceries for their families or paying a money lender, I know that I can help them.  I can stop the bill collectors from calling day and night so that my clients can find the peace they need to restore their lives.

Most of my clients will file either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

CHAPTER 7:  This is what’s known as straight bankruptcy.  You can keep and pay the bills you want, such as a home or cars, and there are some bills you are required to keep, such as child support and certain taxes.  After that, the goal is to discharge or wipe out all credit card debts, loans, medical bills and other unsecured debts.

CHAPTER 13:  This is known as debt restructure.  Chapter 13 allows us to catch up past due house payments and, sometimes, we can reduce your car payment.  Depending on your financial circumstances, we can discharge or wipe out all of your unsecured debts as well, similar to a Chapter 7.

The stress of being burdened with debt affects your work life, your family life, and your spiritual life.  If you feel overwhelmed because of the bills piling up and the constant calls from bill collectors, please give my office a call at (706) 940-0597.  There’s no fee for the initial consultation and we would love to show you the options available.

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